About Ladies Circle International

Ladies Circle is a club that exists to offer the best opportunity possible for young women to connect, have a great time and give something back to the comunity. Though the club was established in a different time, the original aims and principles remain as relevant today as ever.

Considering the modern, fresh attitude of Circlers, it often comes as a surprise to new members that Ladies Circle has been around for 80 years. The group formed in Great Britain and first met in 1932 as a social group for the wives of Round Tablers. Now entirely modernised, the club is still going strong and stands as a testament to how Ladies Circle has moved with the times.

Going International

In 1947 Ladies Circle went international, with Great Britain & Ireland helping to set up Circles in Denmark and Sweden. This led to the founding of the Ladies Circle International organisation in 1958 to bring together Circlers from across the globe.

Opening Up to a New Century

In the 1990s Ladies Circle opened up its membership to all women. We remain proud of our roots, and are still part of the Round Table family, but we have transformed into a unique, truly independent organisation that welcomes all women aged between 18 and 45.

We hope you’ll help us build on our history, and we put everything we’ve learned over the years into making sure Ladies Circle remains an open, supportive and exciting environment for women everywhere – women like you!